FoodInsights will be present for the third edition of the VIV MEA at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center.

In cooperation with HubOrange and organizer VIV, we will be presenting the progress in linking poultry supply chains to exchange data for the optimization of the supply chain and reporting for quality, carbon enhancement, other LCA data, and creating consumer trust.


Although the United Arab Emirates is a relatively small country in terms of agriculture, they are focussing strongly on innovation and above all are a trading hub between India, Africa & Europe. With poultry meat being the fastest growing animal protein worldwide, the main producers are looking for the best available technology to apply.

FoodInsights will show a part of the recently developed technology that helps poultry producers to integrate farm management systems, farms controls, feed raw materials data, and process data into a common data model. This is used for reporting on:

  • Quality (auditing)
  • Carbon footprints and other LCA data
  • Data Driven Storytelling

Data integration is a crucial next step to stay in control of costs and increase the predictability of the production and of course to show the quality of produce.


If you are interested to see what FoodInsights can do for you, no need to buy a ticket to Abu Dhabi. Just contact us at