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With a global economy each supply chain contains many different players and stakeholders, each with their own responsibilities and requirements. While every player focuses on their "job". Food2Source connects the entire supply chain.
Food2Source is a buying hub that supports buyers & supply chain managers to acquire the relevant data, manage towards the best value in production and the supply chain with forecasting, planning and inventory optimization. It supports
farmers to reduce complexity with a data –entry app or connectors. To match the latest quality standards, traceability provides additional insights.

The Benefits

  1. (Food)Insights for the food supply chain incl. traceability
  2. Data entry app and/or connectors for farm data entry
  3. Traceability
  4. Monitoring of inventories & quality in the supply chain
  5. Demand planning, inventory optimization, and supply & production forecasting

Take a look

All your supply chain data in one simple overview. In this central place, every player in the supply chain can add their data and find the data needed to optimize their work.

The Food2Source dashboard can be extended with add-ons such as the product passport generator.

Add-ons for Food2Source

Product passports generator
Digital shopping assistant
Provide product information to consumers


PoultryChain is created in a multi-tier processor supply chain, De Kloeke Kip. They buy poultry and want to work with the relevant background information on reproduction, feed milling, husbandry & processing to maintain quality & sustainability on a top level. Dealing with variation in live stages, demand planning to reduce costs, optimizing the material & energy flows, provide the best possible service for clients is how we create value.

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