Feed Impact Visualizer

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You are what you eat

Processors and packers of meat, eggs, and dairy want to have insight into the animals in the supply chain and the feed raw materials consumed including traceability and a bill of materials to meet the increasing quality requirements of their clients.

The feed impact visualizer is a solution with two components: (1) production data collector module to collect the relevant farm data and (2) an insights module for clients and/or the own organization.

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For EUR 100 you can use the Feed Impact Visualizer for 1 farm batch.

The Benefits

  1. (Food)Insights into farm produce, including standardized bills of materials per batch or period
  2. Overview of the flow of animals, feed (raw materials), and animal produce
  3. Starting point to visualize and analyze the economic, quality & environmental impact of interventions


Our client Kuijpers Poultry stands out in their poultry product including the provision of background data of their produce to support quality claims. Apart
from that, they provide living lab services to (potential) suppliers of the poultry industry, who in turn want to have in-depth production data to analyze the created impact.

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