The quality or even luxury segments in the market tend to have a higher price tag. Certification is a requirement to even enter the market, let alone the higher segments. Certification is the license to produce/sell.

From a business perspective entering a higher segment is appealing. The strong need to manage costs weights just as heavy. These costs are increasing when the number of certification programs is increasing just as the number of auditors. Especially coordination costs are relevant. Creating common ground and letting the data infrastructure serve that common ground is the key to the required efficiency.

Having a certification program in place is important. Dealing with it for one location is a challenge, but doing the same for 100+ sourcing locations requires an efficient process in dealing with the certification programs and auditing. Having the relevant information at your fingertips is crucial to managing the complexity.

Managing this complexity is about sharing information on the certification programs, realization in operations, and auditing the production processes. Identifying overlap in certification programs, seeking synergy in the auditing process is how to decrease the costs in this process while maintaining the service level at par. At FoodInsights we want to help you not go extinct, that is why we use our supply chain mapping solution to bring structure in the process of certification. Read more about supply chain mapping here.


By having a good overview of your supply chain, certification becomes a lot easier and it allows you to bring structure, which in turn saves resources.