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Food processors & packers, as other major companies, have to comply with new
the CSRD requirement of the EU from 2024 onwards, and 2026 for SMEs.
Reduction is a first step, a step that needs to be taken in the entire supply chain. Team work makes the dream work.
DeCarbon helps food companies to report their carbon footprint on scope 1, 2 and 3. In addition decision support is given in the decarbonization on the way to net zero. Our datadriven approach structures the available data, visualizes the results (reports/dashboard) and provides decision support. Certification as proof of work of the reduction is creating additional value. DeCarbon also goes under the name DC20 (DeCarbon to zero)

The Benefits

  1. (Food)Insights in the carbon footprint of products by reports or dashboard
  2. Decision support on decarbonization
  3. Combining scopes 1, 2, and 3; optional addition of water footprint and land use

Take a look

All your supply chain carbon data in one simple overview. In this central place, every player in the supply chain can add their data and find the data needed to report their carbon footprint and optimize their work.

Give it a try!

All the carbon data throughout the supply chain is in one place on a batch level, that’s it. This is where your reduction journey starts.

for EUR 100 we provide a footprint report of a batch on farm level


In co-creation with DSMs Sustell, we create digital product passports for every farm on batch level (or year level) including a bill of materials on feed raw materials to enable processors and packers to calculate inline carbon footprints. In combination with the visualization of the realized reduction, it helps them on their road to Net Zero

Other examples

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