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A supply chain contains many different stakeholders juggeling funds, supply and workforces. Each stakeholder has different needs, though at the end the quality of the product is all that matters. To help you innovate and manage the entire supply chain FoodInsights provides IT solutions. Whatever your challenge, we have what you need for a well-oiled supply chain.

We are working on these SGD's

  • Digital product passports provide a standardized method for a multi-tier supply chain 
  • Traceability in production visibility creates better choices for food buyers
  • Footprint visibility initiates better choices for food buyers
  • Decision support on interventions creates insight for carbon reduction options and the involved costs

What FoodInsights does


Supply chain optimisation & demand forecasting


Reporting & dashboarding to monitor carbon footprint

Why you gotta make things so complicated?

Nobody likes complexity, that is why we create clear data dashboards so your supply chain can run smoothly and accelerate your business. Time to ring in the new era for your business with FoodInsights!

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We connect the supply chain data so you can operate with all the information

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We use the newest technologies to connect your supply chain

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