Farm Impact Visualizer

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Leading not keeping up

Playing catch-up is a thing of the past, be the leader of the pack! Supply chain managers of brands, traders, or procurement offices in food want to
reduce the complexity of an increasing number of suppliers, additional
requirements of clients, and ongoing adding production standards.

The farm impact visualizer is a solution with two components: (1) production data collector module to collect the relevant farm data and (2) an insights module for clients and/or the own organization.

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The Benefits

  1. (Food)Insights into farm produce, including standardized bills of materials per batch or period
  2. Optional mobile app for data entry
  3. Starting point to visualize and analyze the economic, quality & environmental impact of interventions


Our sister company makes the life of growers easy by collecting production data for the growers (CPA, fertilizers, energy & water use) one time and adjusting the reports based on the requirements of the various clients in their right format with just one click.

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