Mark Fredriks, owner of Local2Local recently shared his experience with Data Driven Storytelling with us. Check out his experience below.

Local2Local’s core business is creating supply chains of trust between food producers and consumers. We needed a data-driven solution that helped trace our products in the supply chain and create consumer trust.

With the help of FoodInsights, we created SmartShortChain. The product passports that rolled out of the SmartShortChain, allowing us to implement Data Driven Storytelling for our farmer’s products. This resulted in us been able to provide the required data to our clients and their consumers, along with sharing the user data with the farmers. This enables the farmers to create added value in their product development.

The versatility of SmartShortChain results in us pinpointing all the USPs. For instance, carbon storage in the paddock, traceability to the origin, or optimal market moment for the taste of the produce. SmartShortChain and Data Driven Storytelling provide the proof for trust in our communication towards our various stakeholders.

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