De Kloeke Kip is a cooperation between Chateau Viande and Kuijpers Kip, both located in the Netherlands. De Kloeke Kip is a new brand for healthy poultry. Helping consumers to buy among the healthiest chicken products in Europe, De Kloeke Kip wants to communicate to consumers about their production process when they buy De Kloeke Kip:

  • Care for health as they work with the healthiest broilers in Europe
  • Care for the planet as their farming is carbon neutral
  • But also they work with zero-emission

Furthermore, Kuijpers Kip wanted to optimize their supply chain continuously, based on the expected demand.

As the label space is limited, they asked FoodInsights to find a solution. FoodInsights created PoultryChain, a blockchain-based transparency solution with product passports. Based on the product passports a QR code triggered mobile website was created to facilitate the communication of the quality of the products and the production process: Data Driven Storytelling.

Furthermore, artificial intelligence was used to create a model for the expected growth of broilers and expected hatching egg production from the parent stock to provide the required information to fitted to the expected sales.

Clients of De Kloeke Kip can provide consumers a communication channel based on a QR code on the label to inform them about the quality background on batch level combined with inspiration for the use of the chicken product. Meanwhile, Kuijpers Kip can optimize their supply chain based on expected sales and avoid unnecessary costs with Data Driven Operations.

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