Like a fresh breath of spring air, new markets are arising in the EU for eggs. Due to acceptance of additional requirements for food regarding health, carbon footprint, and food miles, consumers are prepared to pay higher prices for the produce.

Eggs are a staple in every kitchen whether at home or in the restaurant business. However, for the beloved egg not to crack under the pressure of health and environment concerning consumers trust is needed. For such a well-positioned product as eggs, this is an opportunity to win over these consumers. Health, the carbon footprint, and food miles all have a common denominator: data. The data to back up claims regarding these topics is an “Easter egg” hidden within the production; your supply chain!

So how do you put this golden egg to good use? At FoodInsights we believe it starts with unscrambling the data. That is why we provided food companies with Data Driven Storytelling to organize the data within their supply chain, resulting in a clear view of the product story showing what  makes your product healthy and environmentally-friendly. Eggs are more than just a tasty ingredient, they are the passion and dedication that every part of the supply chain puts in for the perfect sunny-side up. Sharing this story will add a new dynamic to your product marketing creating trust and repeat sales.


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