Vitality is more essential than ever before. Our days are filled with stimuli all day, causing plenty of health issues. Last week we participated in the national week of vitality at FoodInsights and it got us thinking. As a boss the core activity that will increase vitality is to decrease stress, providing smoothies and opportunities to move are awesome too of course.

So decreasing stress, to increase vitality. How does one go about this? Well in our field of expertise this starts in the supply chain. We believe you can increase vitality with digitalization, optimization, and resilience.

Digitalization is about automating the repetitive (read boring) tasks to in turn create jobs that are intriguing and challenging. Stimulating your people to develop new skills and access their talents. Digitalization not only makes the people in your supply chain more vital, it also increases your supply chain vitality simultaneously

Next stop: Optimisation. Digitalization is a great start to optimize your supply chain and improve agility, reduce the cash2cash cycle and stock levels. Optimized and effective supply chains are vital and run smoothly. Everybody loves a smooth-running process, we are sure this will increase your people’s job satisfaction. Like making a meal plan to reach your #fitnessgoals, your supply chain optimization needs a plan read about supply chain mapping here.

Lastly, Resilience. A great personality trait for any employee and your food supply chain. Resilience is a product of that smooth-running process we talked about before. It will help you attract the right people to work in it. The insight you gain from the supply chain data will allow you to continuously balance the interest of the various stakeholders and inspire their employees while monitoring the relevant KPIs. Digitalized food supply chains provide the insight and the monitoring capabilities


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