Want to increase your span of control and efficiency in the buying process? Reduce quality risk by avoiding additional costs and increase sales? Make it happen with Supply Chain Mapping!

Supply Chain Mapping is a necessary process to create the best workflow in any supply chain. Adjusting based on the here and now is a great management quality. However, a birds-eye view allows you to use the bigger picture to anticipate and prepare. Good preparation is half the work, right?

Supply Chain Mapping gives you a birds-eye view of the entire supply chain. At Food Insights we use Supply Chain Mapping to look at organizations, the relationship between these organizations in the Supply Chain, the flow of assets, the flow of batches, and the activities.  We then use configurable tools to connect all the data and systems in one overview.

Your birds-eye view helps to anticipate issues and increase control in the buying process by increasing the span of control and efficiency. It also allows you to reduce quality risks related to recalls, downgrading, and brand protection. So overall optimizing your Supply Chain with your overview reduces the cost of the supply chain in volatile circumstances while your service level remains or dare I say improve.

This article started with a promise, we covered the span of control, efficiency, and reducing quality risk, so how does this increase sales? Simple, when you have a birds-eye view of your supply chain you have the chapters of your product story from farm2fork. This is where the magic happens, FoodInsights uses the information from your supply chain to tell your product story in Data Driven Storytelling.  Curious about Data Driven storytelling? Read about it here.

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