Managing quality in the supply chain is all about the fine balance between quality and cost. In the fresh food it is a constant choice of what part of the statistical normal distribution to use for your brand to manage cost level and the quality. This usually stems from the farm produce, which in most supply chains comes from different sources. Because of the variation of origin in produce supply chain mapping is crucial.

Supply chain mapping then deals with quality on two levels:

Certification level: managing to have the right certifications in place on your production locations, especially in the more complex supply chains.

Operational level: having the certifications for the production locations in place, one can obtain the production data to assure that the produce meets a certain benchmark or that the cost do not exceed the budget; besides the certification, you might like to exchange operational data among partners in which we can support your business.


At FoodInsights we put our expertise to work regarding supply chain mapping. How do we work on supply chain mapping

  1. Configurable tool
  2. Looking at
    • Organizations
    • How do organizations link in the supply chain
    • Flow of assets
    • Flow of batches
  3. Monitor the relevant quality variables
  4. Analyze the challenges and come up with an advises


Supply chain mapping is the first step to get a grip on the supply chain and be part of the new normal distribution. Curious what supply chain mapping can do for you? Contact us.