In the digital age, we cannot imagine not being able to find everything with just a quick Google search. However, when it comes to the ingredients in our food, finding how they were produced is a bit of a pickle. The ongoing pandemic has proven how important safe and healthy food production is, especially for animal products. You are what you eat they say. Therefore, we know that safe and healthy food results in a healthy and thriving population.

Transparency and production information for animal products is especially important. Because consumers care about the welfare of the animals and safety during production as a disease is more likely with livestock. At FoodInsights we help you to not only claim your good at what you do, but we also help you prove it.

FoodInsights uses blockchain technology to give insight into the production with our product Data Driven Storytelling. For instance, in the poultry sector. We can easily claim the healthiest chickens in Europe are held in Grubbenvorst. Blockchain backs this up in Data Driven Storytelling, providing consumers with information about the farmers, healthcare of the chickens, and the process of production up to the moment of purchasing. As a result, this creates consumer trust and repeat purchasing of your product.


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Curious how BlockChain works:

This is not only happening in the Netherlands, but also in China. Curious how Blockchain works for poultry farmers in China: