Gastrobar6 grass-fed angus bavette

Good for you

This grain-fed angus bavette meets the quality standards of Gastrobar6 based on bite, structure and taste. The natural taste is created by the grass range grazing of the cattle. And of course the absence of hormones & antibiotics while growing is important in our selection for you.


The grass-fed angus bavette is one of most nutritious portions of meat. With balanced protein this is a health booster. The marbled fat ensures

  • the best possible taste, bite and structure
  • ease of preparation.



  • Grass-fed aberdeen angus
  • Avendrina Farm, Murray River, NSW, Australia


  • 19-1-2022
  • Australian abattoirs, Pakenham, South Victoria, Australia


  • 21-1-2022
  • Australian abattoirs, Pakenham, South Victoria, Australia


  • Gastrobar
  • 14-4-2022


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