Data Driven Realtime Footprints

Sustainability is not a one-player game, it takes the whole supply chain to make it happen.

Reducing the footprint regarding carbon, water and areal use great for the environment and it usually goes hand in hand with improving the LCA of your products.

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The Benefits

  • Help finding the data regarding carbon, water and areal use in the product supply chain
  • Gathering the carbon, water and areal footprint data and transforming it to the same format
  • Visualizing the footprint data in a product passport on batch level and dashboards for monitoring.
  • Options for forecasting tools to support decision making
  • Use your footprint data for marketing purposes such as carbon enhancement programs


Data Driven Realtime Footprints brings synergy in the supply chain, so sustainability can be a team effort. Ready to make it happen in your product supply chain?  

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