If we learned one thing from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is that what we eat matters. More than ever consumers want better food, meaning healthier and more flavorful. The pandemic has only increased the growth of the healthy and known origin food market, This market was valued at 521 billion euro’s in 2019 (Statista).

The increased value for products that are good for body and planet with a known background is an opportunity, for companies to communicate about their efforts in these aspects. Though just the claim of being good for the planet and health is not enough. Consumers expect data and transparency to validate these claims to gain their trust.

Any great relationship is built on trust, right? How do you do this for your company? You could splurge on a large marketing campaign, hoping that the momentum will last long enough to pay for a campaign in sales and then start all over again. At FoodInsights we believe in lasting momentum that is why we create a communication platform based on the data in the food production supply chain. FoodInsights Data Driven Storytelling collects all the product data from the different players in the supply chain and creates a product passport unique to every batch. This data is visualized via QR-code to inform your consumers. Resulting in them make a sustainable and healthy choice by selecting your product. Is your company ready to meet the demand for better food?


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