The buying process in your supply chain is about managing value for money, the livelihood of your company is on the line at every turn. For the best results, you need to assess the value combined with guarantees for quality regarding products and production processes, keeping in mind the requirements. There is no room for risky business or buyer’s remorse in this process.


Buyer’s remorse should only be for that popcorn machine you ordered watching late-night tv. So to keep buyer’s remorse at bay in supply chain management starting at the origin is essential. The Origin information gives you the grip you need to be confident in the buying process. Creating this grip requires a few steps.


Supply Chain mapping allows you to get that grip (want to know what Supply Chain mapping is? Read about it here). When every part of the Supply Chain is mapped out, you can reduce complexity in the supply chain. The overwhelming amount of information sources can be reduced to the relevant needed information. The map also gives you control to find the efficiencies of scales, manage availability, and optimize.

Say goodbye to buyer’s remorse for good and optimize your supply chain. At Food Insights we believe in the power of supply chain mapping as it is the beginning of your product story.