In our previous blog, we discussed the consumer demand for better food aka healthier and more tasteful food. (Missed out on the previous blog read it here) Finding a way to market your food as good for the body and planet might sound like a project that is going to break the bank.

You can take a breath, it does not have to. How? FoodInsights uses the data from your existing supply chain to tell the story of your health and sustainability efforts. Using what you already have is great, however, we believe that there are ways to save resources along the way. Imagine never having too much stock. Sounds like a dream, right? However, the operational excellence of your supply chain is achievable. The cost can be reduced by having less stock without lowering your service level. Every player in the supply chain needs to know exactly how much they need, to achieve this information needs to be exchanged about the products in the supply chain.

FoodInsights helps to achieve a smooth line of communication in the supply chain with Data Driven Operations. Every player knows what they are getting and shipping out so everybody is prepared and the stock is exactly right. This way the data is already there to show your health and sustainability efforts along with an operational excellent supply chain. Win-win, right? So is your company ready to start winning?


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